Aerial Video

by davesonoma on November 22, 2014

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an aerial video is priceless. See a large version classic California landscape with majestic oaks and rolling hills or watch the embedded clip below.

Everybody wants a 95448 zip code to call home. From wineries to hotels and restaurants, a Healdsburg address adds value to marketing and sales.  This Los Amigos property is only six minutes (more or less) to the Healdsburg Plaza and qualifies as an  authentic Healdsburg property both by zip code and proximity to the town core.

More than a zip code matters for wine makers. They are looking for grapes sourced from premium vineyards in the most sought after appellations. This entire property is in both the Chalk Hill appellation and the Russian River appellation. Whoever plants here will find a host of people eager to offer advice and local wisdom as to the best clones and rootstocks as well as guesses about how best to target the potential Sonoma County grape shortages.

11450 Los Amigos Road Aerial Photo

11450 Los Amigos Road

The wide open spaces were verified by a recent slope and aspect analysis that shows well more than half of the property flat enough for vineyards.  The photograph clearly shows how vineyards surround the meadows and oaks of 11450 Los Amigos Road.